Kanetsuka Sensei

Ryushinkan Dojo started in 1973 by Kanetsuka Shihan, 8th Dan.

In 1976, Minoru Kanetsuka became the Technical Director of the organisation which had been renamed the British Aikido Federation composed of affiliated clubs or Dojos from all over England and Wales. In 1978 the Scottish clubs previously affiliated to the B.A.F formed an independant Scottish Aikido Federation which maintains the closest links with the B.A.F. It is the only body in England and Wales with ‘Full Recognition’ from the Aikido World Headquarters (The Hombu Dojo, Tokyo) and membership of the International Aikido Federation.  Kanetsuka Shihan sadly passed away in March 2019.


Mami Kanetsuka 5th Dan, (Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo)

Lindon Rochester 3rd Dan, (Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo)

Joe Kiely 2nd Dan, (Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo)